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Welcome Tanzania Social Development Guide where you can find useful information about community development issues in Tanzania.

This website is still under construction, I am current organizing contents in the way it will be useful when I publish it here. If you have any suggestion or you want to recommend something contact me.

You may get something in the following; 
  1. Agriculture and Development
  2. Community Development
  3. Development Planning
  4. Entrepreneurship Development
  5. Gender and Development
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Most Important Articles
  8. Project Management
  9. Research in Tanzania

Information Use

You may use  information from this website for your researches, projects and other Social development activities.

For more Information

Do not hesitate to contact me If you have any problem, need clarifications, needs assistance or need further information/help. Together we can do something for our community.

About Author

My name is Melkisedeck Leon Shine, I am Community Development Expert, Project Manager, Researcher and Monitoring and Evaluation Expert with Master of Project Management and Evaluation and Bachelor of Rural Development.

If you are interested with any project idea or research topic presented here, you are welcome. I will help you in conceptualizing and designing your concept or proposal. Contact me here... Let us think together and do something great for our community.

I am also available for consultation in research (designing+data collection & analysis+reporting), project management, monitoring and evaluation and in community development issues. Find more about my consultation services here...

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