Gender issues which need special attention in Tanzania

The following are gender issues which need consideration in Tanzania
  1. Access to and Control of Assets and Resources
  2. Women legal capacity
  3. Gender Budget
  4. Violence against women 
  5. Economic empowerment of women and poverty eradication
  6. Women’s political empowerment and decision making
  7. Power, decision making and gender relations in the household
  8. Women’s access to education and training 
  9. % of men and women in social economic activities and in formal employment
  10. Women’s access to employment
  11. Food security
  12. Women and Health
  13. Women and HIV & AIDS
  14. Women’s employment and control over income
  15. Women and the Media
  16. Women and the Environment 
  17. The Gender Division of Labor
  18. Access to social economic opportunities

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